The Artist Statement

of Sean Hottois M.F.A.



My work takes a sardonically lighthearted stance on the human condition as seen through the lens of technology. I employ typography, 2D design, light, motion, sound, code, sensors, and 3D printed objects to create interactive experiences with both digital and alternative processes.


I create performative sculptures that play the role of surrogate interlocutor and encourage the viewer to become an active participant in exploring and generating the experience. I intend my work to then reflect an interaction or narrative on any number of peripheral human qualities. Ranging from the hidden excesses of tourist experiences to subjective robotic creature-like implementations of phobia.


This reflected humanity is then brought into question by light-hearted means. Somewhat possibly enchanted objects that imply and belie the humor of an increasingly technology-dependent human condition.



Thank You,

Sean Hottois

© Sean Hottois 2017