Game Development

Broken Behaviors logo and example game cards

Broken Behaviors


Dr. Julia Gressick & graduate student Joel Langston invited me to be the illustrator, graphic designer, and an assistant game developer for this wonderfully disturbed look at committee dynamics. Players participate in the triumphs, tragedies, and lessons learned designing a game that went terribly wrong. In this role-playing game participants get into character and try to reveal each other's hidden prejudices, personal quirks, and secret agendas. While, at the same time, attempting to build consensus amongst the committee. But wait! Pulling a card from the Misadventure Deck may lead to challenges players would never expect.

Packaging and game play of Omino



A unique take on Dominoes. Using a simple symbol-in-symbol system this version allows a more flexible interpretation of the game. The system can allow for an easy game for beginners or increased levels of difficulty for more advanced players. The compact pieces provide longer, more
in-depth games on smaller playing surfaces. Package contains: one hundred playing pieces &

one rule book.

two screen captures of Tanks! (you're welcome) the video game.

Tanks! (you're welcome)


Classic two person, second person, shooter video game. First player to score three hits on the other player wins the round. Two dimensional artwork in Adobe Illustrator, three dimensional assets in Blender, and game programming in Blender as well.

game boards and playing pieces for Axiom



A revision of the well known childhood game “Chutes and Ladders”. In my version the main idea, or AXIOM, is constant forward progression toward the ‘win’ space. The five boards can be arranged in any order because the integrated symbol system is the only way to jump from board to board. Package contains: five playing statuettes, five game boards, one die, and a rule book.

still image of gameplay from Alien Arboreal videogame

Alien Arboreal


Video game in process. Alien lumberjacks have arrived to stop the spread of a dangerous species of mutant tree. While playing remember to cut down trees, skip and jump, & to press wild flowers.

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