Print Design

Paper Sauce artist supply set and detail shots

Paper Sauce


An artist supplies set utilizing sauce (flavor) as the conceptual metaphor. This graduate design project includes: fixative, glue, cement, pencils, ink, masking tape, & an eraser.

Thomas Lighting catalog cover and detail

Catalog & Ad


Thomas Lighting LLC master catalog & release advertisement.

Magazine version for North American based lighting trade publications.

Aloft stamp set museum display and close-up



The History of Unpowered Flight. A stamp series devoted to the developers of unpowered flight, which covers the more well-known names in the field. This graduate design project includes: stamps, collector sheet, day of issue postcard, toy glider, & commemorative book.

Thomas Lighting digital catalog cover and disk top

CD Catalog


Our master catalog, the digital version developed to help customers who had computers but poor Internet access at construction sites where many product selections are made. This digital option also cut down on production cost and the burden of carrying around another book. I designed the user interface, folio cover, and disk top.

postcard invitations

Postcard Invitations


On the left is an invitation for an art exhibition of works from English printmakers. The detail image on the right is from an invite for an exhibition of postcard-size paintings. Both exhibitions were held at the Moss-Thorns Gallery of Art.

Medical Case Analysis logo, business card, and letterhead

Base Identity


Logo, Letterhead, Business Card. Standard fare for all designers. This example is for an independent Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

Thomas Lighing samples folio exterior and interior

Finish Samples


Color and surface texture samples folio. Designed to expedite the labeling, shipping, and presenting of metal finish samples, at the same time reducing the cost of production and distribution.

Logo, letterhead, business card for Zayed University Masters of Design

Base Identity (another)


Logo, Letterhead, Business Card. This example is for the Zayed University masters program focusing on studio design and initially titled: Zayed University Masters of Design.

Conceptual books with detail shots

Conceptual Book Design


(a) g-d: Meditations on misperceptions of an American minority religion. Paper & toner. Perfect bound on both the left and right sides.  (b) Transmuted Profession: As Americans we must often reinvent ourselves. Paper, vellum, aluminum, book board, linen, black cord, & pine. Traditional binding.  (c) Cycle Diet: It is never over. Paper, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, mylar, and plastic. Coptic stitch binding.

Nick Nack 'n the Patti Whackers first and only album on CD

Nick Nack 'n the Patti Whackers


I simply keep this one around because it was my favorite garage band, full of friends & back before 'garage band' was a software title, naturally. To help them out I provided the design services, photography, and supervised the print production. This was their only self published album.

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