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Josh Miller standing with Big Commerce
Multiple images from Big Commerce

Big Commerce


This 8' by 8' QR code embodies a dominant lucid representation of 'Big Data' merging with commerce to propagate a new force in our culture. Should the viewer choose to target their QR code readers on this work they will be presented with a web page that displays an image from the perspective of the artwork itself. In that voluntary action the spectator may quickly find themselves an involuntary exhibitionist at the behest of Big Commerce. Big Commerce - which has no illusions of personal privacy or identity. Online 10am to 10pm at the SBMA & Century Center view here. Video production credit to: Instructional Media Services, UITS, IUSB.

Media: Acrylic paint, MDF, computer, WiFi transceiver.



This work is inspired by the poem quote: “Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, & waste its sweetness on the desert air.”

                                 - Thomas Gray (1716 - 71)


Whether implicitly or explicitly, we fill our world with technology minions, and then flout them to toil until death. You can interact with these sculptures from anywhere you have an internet connection. Vote as often as you like knowing that your transmutation may, or may not, be experienced
by someone.


Plus, these sculptures have an array of sensors examining their local surroundings. If you move within one meter of each the individual sculptures each may acknowledge your presence with color, sound, blinking, or all three. Video production credit to: Instructional Media Services, UITS, IUSB.

Media: 3D printed plastic, light emitting diodes, micro controllers, prototyping board, WiFi transceivers, piezo speakers, wire.

Unregulated Vice


These technology minions are implicitly & explicitly set on our destruction through suggested pleasure. If you want to trigger them you can interact with these sculptures and let them demonstrate.

Media: Glass vessel, 3D printed plastic, micro controllers, servo, vaporizer, prototyping board, WiFi transceivers, wire.

Screen shot and packaging of Mercury Interactive disk

Mercury Interactive


A multimedia instructional utility employing concise and informative movie clips that provide the user with knowledge necessary to easily move illustrator documents into other Adobe programs. These programs include Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects,
and Acrobat.

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